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Soil Stabilization is the modification of soil to enhance the physical properties to meet
an engineering purpose. Soil Stabilization improvements include increasing the weight
bearing capabilities, tensile strength, and overall performance of subsoils, sands,
and waste materials in order to strengthen surfaces for roadways, parking areas, site
development projects, airports, and many other uses when soil is not suitable for
construction. Stabilization can be used to treat many sub-grade materials such as
expansive clays and granular materials, among others. The soil stabilization process is
achieved by using a variety of additives, such as portland cement, fly-ash, lime and
other blends.

Benefits of Soil Stabilization:

– Cost Savings
– Stronger Soil
– Reduces Environmental Impact
– Expedites Project Completion
– Lower Maintenance Costs

The benefits of soil stabilization

Costs are reduced as there is no need to remove unsuitable materials and any
associated hauling. Stabilized bases are much stronger, with higher resistance (R)
values, a reduction of asphalt and concrete thickness. Projects can be expedited since
project sites are less susceptible to weather delays.

The environmental impact of a project is reduced as the amount of trucks needed to
add/remove aggregates to soil is dramatically decreased (Carbon Footprint). Also,
runoff from rainwater will not cause erosion that can send tons of silt into rivers and bays.

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Soil stabilization process

Soil Stabilization Process

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