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Soil Stabilization is the adjustment of soil properties to enrich its original state from its base to its sub-core. It will make the layers stronger and more durable from any load or environmental elements such as water that may penetrate.

The basic way to stabilize the soil is by adding chemicals, fly ash, cementitious materials, clay and lime. Mixed to the top of pulverized soil from a desired proportion prior to any cement pouring. In addition, one way is by pounding repeatedly on the ground until it is entirely compact.

Soil Stabilization can bring into site development plants, parking areas, roadways, and many other applications that need a treatment.

Recent techniques and products just like the used of polymer based, copolymer based, fiber reinforcement, calcium chloride, and sodium chloride chemicals have been discovered in which it is more environmental friendly, cheaper and easy to use compared to the traditional kind of additives for stabilizing the soil.

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