Oil & Gas

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Oil & Gas

At Hasten, we value our partnerships and work closely with our customers to ensure that we identify and deliver on their exact needs. We closely examine the evolving yet volatile oil and gas markets to provide optimal solutions for our clients.

As technology grows so does the need to optimize extraction methods of resources, new and ingenuitive methods and chemical applications are being tested to make existing processes more efficient. At Hasten we believe in keeping up to date with these revolutionary applications to  further assist our clients.

Upstream, Midstream & Downstream

Hasten: A dynamic solution provider

Upstream: Well service chemicals, Drilling Fluids, etc.
Midstream: Coolants, Corrosion Inhibitors, Glycols, H2S Scavengers, Engine Lubricants, other Production Chemicals
Downstream: Specialty Chemicals for Refining and Petrochemical Markets
Specialty Items: Gas Treating Amines, Purification Process Adsorbents, Carbon & Bed Support Media
At Hasten we have a comprehensive chemical portfolios including inorganics, solvents and oxidizers utilized in the Oil & Gas Industry