Lime Kiln Dust (LKD)

What is Lime Kiln Dust?

Also known as LKD, lime kiln dust is a byproduct which is produced during the quick lime manufacturing process. During quick lime production, there is a powder residue which is collected near the bottom of the kiln stream.

LKD lime dust that remains from the quick lime manufacturing process is great for use on many other projects. Since it is so affordable and easy to collect, it is a popular chemical byproduct for many people. It is even a great replacement for certain other products like cement.

What is Lime Kiln Dust Used For?

Traditionally, lime kiln dust is used as a replacement for other carbon-intensive binders. Portland cement is a great example of a product that can be replaced with LKD lime kiln dust. LKD can also be used to dry and modify certain types of soils or be used for waste stabilization.

When not used for practical purposes, lime kiln dust is often wasted away into landfills. Since this product has many different potential uses, we believe that it should be available on the commercial market to the many people who appreciate its value!

Buy Lime Kiln Dust Today

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