Industrial Degreasers


Industrial maintenance is one of the most meticulous jobs in the world. Maintaining sanitary wash bay is no joke considering the amount of nasty grease built-up and the intensive cleaning required. Keeping your wash bay clean can be very expensive and dragging because of strict government regulations which requires safe removal and disposal of wash bay generated waste water. Periodic cleaning is a must and utilizing the right product for your industry will make the job easier, efficient and cost-effective.

Industrial degreaser

Why Degreasing is a Necessity in your Industry                               

Degreasing is used widely in almost all types of industries. Some maintenance applications include machine sump cleaning, floor cleaning and production parts washing. Whether you are on manufacturing business or railcar pooling company, industrial degreasers are necessary to keep your vehicles, equipment and work spaces clean.

Over time, equipment parts are covered with unwanted substances called soiling. Organic soiling like oil, petroleum, grease, fats, and proteins can mix with inorganic soiling such as dirt and rust which leads to oil and grease built-up. Degreasers lift and remove grease and oil from surfaces to keep automotive parts, oilfield equipment, machined parts, industrial machineries clean.

Industrial Degreasing and Environmental Responsibility

Many traditional industrial degreasers contain toxic materials that are harmful to the environment. Problematic ingredients like emulsifiers, strong inorganic acids and alkalis, builders, inhibitors, and chelating agents poses risks of unwanted side effects such as damaging surfaces being cleaned. Contaminated wastewater is a result of the strong chemicals used and requires expensive processing for safe disposal. Human health and safety risks were also noted to be caused by these strong chemicals. Burn and respiratory diseases are other accompanying risks of traditional industrial degreasers.
With the associated risks in the environment, health and safety, manufacturers have geared to develop eco-friendly and safe industrial degreasers. New developments led to heavy-duty industrial degreasers which are plant-based and more effective than the previous toxic and dangerous products. Water-based products that provide solutions for industry-specific concerns are now available as well. Highly effective to cut through any grease, dirt, soil and grime, these biodegradable degreasers offer to keep your equipment and machineries clean from deposits and accumulated soils.
Using safe and effective industrial degreasers not only reduces ecological damages but improves machine and system performances and creates a safer working environment.

Heavy duty degreaser cleaners

The Hasten Chemical Difference

If you have been searching for safe but effective industrial degreasers, look no further because Hasten Chemical offers a wide array of degreasers that will fit your requirement. Low impact toxicity, biodegradability, effectiveness, availability and cost are some of the considerations to be accounted. Degreasers differ in composition and effectiveness depending on temperature, dwell time and others so it’s always good to understand the decision process. What is safe and effective for one facility may not be for another. Hasten Chemical commits to guide you in the selection of the best fit product for your every industrial degreasing need. Partner with us and together achieve an efficient and cost-effective waste water management.  We are a bulk seller of industrial degreasers.