Fly Ash

Hasten Chemical also offers Cement Kiln Dust (CKD) products.

Hasten Chemical: A Leading Fly Ash Supplier

At Hasten Chemical we believe in sustainable construction, hence one of our popular products is Fly Ash which comes in a fine powder form that provides an energy efficient application that develops cementitious properties  in concrete construction. Fly ash is produced at coal-fired power plants and is a proven  application in the following:

  • Cement manufacture
  • Mineral filler for asphalt roads
  • Waste stabilization/treatment
  • Specialty applications
  • Soil stabilization
  • Structural fill
  • Ready-mix concrete
  • Concrete block & pipe

Fly Ash Supplier is commonly used in construction applications where is added to concrete to improve the properties of concrete including an improved efficiency, compressive strength, flexural strength, pumpability, workability and consolidation while decreasing overall permeability, water demand, and shrinkage.

Buy Fly Ash in Houston.

If you are interested in reducing raw material costs, without affecting the environment, contact us by writing to the e-mail  or give us a call now at 832-655-7763 and make dry fly ash the best option, regardless of your field of application.

We offer our Flay Ash product in all over the USA,  some of the areas are listed below.

  • Fly Ash in Houston
  • Fly ash port Arthur
  • Fly Ash in Texas
  • Fly ash Lubbock
  • Fly Ash Corpus Christi
  • Fly Ash Florida
  • Fly Ash Jacksonville
  • Fly Ash Miami
  • Fly ash New Mexico
  • Fly Ash Orlando
  • Fly Ash Tampa

Besides above areas we if you want our Fly Ash Product to any other areas please feel free to contact us we will love to provide you our services.

Whether your company is looking for Fly Ash, Bottom Ash, Synthetic Gypsum, or other Coal Combustion Products, Hasten Chemicals can find the optimal solution for you. Contact us today for a consultation.

Leading Fly Ash Supplier for Projects in Texas, fly ash Louisiana, fly ash Lubbock or in The Region.

Hasten Chemical proudly supplies various projects with fly ash in the region. Supplying fly ash for road stabilization & construction to utilizing it in the oil & gas or mining industry on site or in the pit, we have got you covered. Our product has gone into environmental projects for remediation and solidification to meet our client’s needs. Whether your in Texas, Louisiana or in the Region, give us a call today for us to facilitate all your fly ash needs.

About Fly Ash Product

Dry fly ash is a by-product that originates from the coal combustion process. It is a waste which is has the toxicological characteristics and it is classified as non-dangerous. There are many and diverse applications of fly ash, mainly used to produce cement, concrete, as filler in infrastructure works and roads, among others. Dry fly ash partially replaces the raw materials used to manufacture the product.

Why Fly Ash Texas?

Among the advantages of using ashes for fillings, the following are highlighted:

  • Ease of compaction
  • Slow hardening with low short-term stiffness
  • Reduced cracking caused by differential seating and thermal shrinkage

Cement and concrete production.

It is one of the widest fields for the use of fly ash since:

  • Increases initial and final setting times
  • Produces an increase in the plasticity of the product when used
  • Reduces heat of hydration
  • Reduces exudation
  • Produces a delay in initial resistances but equals or increases resistances at later ages

Brick production.

The main advantages offered by the use of fly ash for the manufacture of bricks are

  • They require less amount of mixing water
  • Increase in drying speed
  • Quick cooking of the product