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Hasten Cleanse: Turnkey Degassing Solution

Manufactured by Hasten Chemical, Hasten Cleanse is is one of the most versatile and effective vapor suppression and degassing solution currently being offered in the Industry. This specialty chemistry can be utilized for pressure vessel cleaning and cleaning hydrocarbons off heavy metal services. Being non-hazardous, non-corrosive and rapidly biodegradable it is both worker and environmentally friendly. See our demonstration and how Hasten Cleanse outperforms other industry standard products Here.



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Why is Degassing Important?

Is there an upcoming inspection of your plant? Have your efforts to clean and degas your petro-chemical processing equipment causing you worries? Hydrocarbons and hydrogen sulphide gas and other foul material deposits can be a problem in maintaining refineries, distillation and storage equipment. Traditional mechanical cleaning methods like high-pressure water jetting and cold or hot water washing methods requires several weeks of downtime and generates large volumes of waste water high in TOC which are not environment-friendly. With these situations, more powerful chemical cleaning methods were developed to cut downtime periods and meet or exceed regulatory safety and environmental requirements.


Chemical Degassing Process

Prior to degassing process, it is always recommended to conduct decontamination tominimize source of contamination. Tanks can be serviced by spraying proprietary chemistry through manway to collapse vapor space. For process plants, chemical agents that bind solvents and hydrocarbons are directly injected to the steam line. This is known as the vapor phase cleaning process or degassing. Once applied, vapor pressure and flammability drops with LEL levels of benzene, EDC, toluene, xylene and gasoline approaching zero in 1-2 hours. Agents coat equipment surfaces and absorbs hydrocarbon vapors making the tank or enclosed area safe for operation. The vapor phase cleaning process cut up to 80% downtime compared to conventional cleaning process and minimizes waste water by 50%.

Vacuum Degassing

Chemical Degassing Applications

Chemical degassing is widely utilized by process plants to clean vacuum towers, cokers, olefin plants, FCCU fractionators, and HF alkylation units. It is also used to keep process vessels, reactors, interconnecting piping and exchangers sanitary. Above and underground storage tanks with high VOC value chemicals undergoes degassing as well.

In refineries and other petrochemical plants, boilers, tanks, heat exchangers, fin-fan coolers, hydraulic lines, reactors, condenser piping systems, refinery towers and cooling systems are cleaned chemically.

The Hasten Chemical Advantage

Hasten Chemical is a pioneer in the supply of degassing chemicals. With the years of invaluable experiences in degassing, we have perfected the system while considering the key parameters of a successful degassing process. The type of cleaning material is above all considerations and should be chosen carefully. Other factors include waste removal, the surface to be cleaned, process conditions, application method, present results, chemical content restrictions and final work conditions among others.

Hasten Chemical offers suitable chemicals for your degassing needs. Solvent-based and water-based products are available and are target-specific. These chemicals were proven safe as it complies with regulatory requirements and standards. Hasten Chemical’s technical expertise in the process and the products it is offering will give you an upper hand in your degassing process, safely and effectively.

Keeping a process plant operational, safe and clean can give you headaches. However, deploying the right method, personnel and materials will optimize your time, resources and utilities. Hasten Chemical provides solutions tailored for your needs by setting out an engineered approach and reliable degassing chemicals. So what are you waiting for? Contact us and together let us prepare for your next inspection and surely pass.

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