Hasten Cleanse

A Vapor & Gas Suppression Fluid Product

An aqueous solution produced to reduce VOC’s/ LEL’s; H2S, SO2, Phosgene gases on contact, eliminating the need for multiple water fills, steam or extensive nitrogen purging. Additionally, Hasten Cleanse penetrates and releases layers of solids from metal surfaces while inhibiting re- adherence. Reduces time for clearing/cleaning filter pots, caustic scrubbers, flare stack blow down tanks, acid tanks, etc. by up to 80%. A unique, scientific breakthrough in encapsulation and emulsification technology.


  1. Increases profitability
  2. Increases Productivity
  3. Safety of Fractionation
  4. Transportation of Natural Gas Liquids.

Environmentally Friendly

Hasten Cleanse is a biodegradable and environmentally preferred industrial concentrate having a neutral pH. It is non-corrosive, contains no butyls or citrus components and is safe to handle and store.


Reduce LEL’s / VOC’s; H2S/ SO2 gas on contact

  • Reduce time required to clear vessels/tanks by up to 80%
  • Substantially reduce nitrogen usage
  • Eliminates need for steam
  • Penetrate and release solids from metal surfaces
  • Reduce water usage and discharge
  • No negative effects downstream
  • Degrease and clean all metal and concrete surfaces


Reduce VOC’s in caustic KOH Treater and flare stack blow down tank

  • Re-loading/cleaning KOH treaters
  • Clearing/cleaning flare stake blowdown tanks
  • Changing elements in filter pots
  • Clearing/cleaning acid tanks
  • Clearing/cleaning pipelines
  • Cleaning/restoring concrete and soil
  • Reducing emissions