Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride

CaCl2 or calcium chloride is an ionic compound of calcium and chlorine and has an extensive reputation as the finest high performance deicing chemicals.  Hasten Chemical offers many forms of dry Calcium Chloride for snow & ice prevention & removal and general deicing applications.

At Hasten Chemical, Safety is a value we live by and our product is designed to ensure safer transport ways. Calcium Chloride serves as a catalyst with road salt to remove areas of densely packed ice & snow. Additionally other applications include but are not limited to brine applications in refrigeration plants and as an accelerator in cement concrete.

Hasten Chemical is a wholesale supplier of Calcium Chloride. The product comes in a variety of forms including powder, granular, pellets, flakes, & prills and may be ordered in bags or bulk containers.

Calcium chloride suppliers

Typically, powder form calcium chloride is used as an additive in specific processes including as an accelerator in cement concrete for decreasing settling times in cold weather, as a refrigeration brine for cold storage facilities  or ice rinks and, and as a desiccant for moisture removal in dust suppression keeping surfaces of unpaved surfaces damp and dust contained.


Granular Calcium Chloride is utilized widely in the swimming pool industry as it enhances calcium hardness to avert corrosive damage to concrete pool surfaces. The granular material readily dissolves when added directly to pool water. High-purity  granular in food-grade form is used in many food industries including the pickle packing and cheese manufacturing processes.  In anhydrous form it is used as a desiccant, a drying agent and dehydrating agent.


Pellet Calcium Chloride comes in spherical shapes and also work exceptionally well with ice melt spreaders. The difference between flakes is that they do tend to roll because of their shape, which can serve as an advantage or disadvantage dependent on the application. The shape allows performance benefits in that their interaction with ice and snow is further concentrated which allows them to bore into and under the icy surface, formulating  brine beneath which in turn loosens the bond of ice to the surface making it easier  for mechanical clearing. Pellets can additionally be used for dust suppression in unpaved roads.


Presents a sizeable flat surface application area and these flakes tend to stay in position when applied. Additionally they effortlessly pass through diverse ice melt spreaders, from and  commercial grade spreaders to home-style walk behind spreaders. This product is ideal when amalgamating with additional dry products such as sand, salt, other abrasives typically utilized to combat snow and ice. In general, flakes provide a better value and are more cost effective than pellets.


Prill form Calcium chloride or mini-pellets are generally used as an additive in the food and beverage industry.